Crafts –

Anything can be a “Magical Memory”.  Furniture, murals, boxes, frames, pillows, clothing, dishes, toys, etc…  all it needs is your special memory or a picture on it.


Remember, real flowers eventually die – furniture and crafts do not.   So, when you want to say “thanks,  “I Love You”, “Happy Birthday’, “Happy Anniversary”, Happy Mother’s or Father’s Day”, or any special occasion, say it with a special “One-of-a-kind” Magical Memory.

When writing on a project, pre-write your saying on a piece of masking tape.   Then, lay the tape down on your project to check the spacing of the words and size.  Then you can use the tape as a guide for placement of the words when actually writing on your finished project.



Don’t be afraid to try something new – Trust yourself.  There’s no right or wrong – only what you like – that’s what counts.  Don’t take decorating too seriously --  have fun.


Let loose and relax with your projects.  Remember when you are nose-to-nose with something, you’ll notice all the flaws. When it’s completed, everything is in place.  You won’t see the imperfections – nature isn’t perfect – why should you be?


Think of yourself as a fine piece of silk that comes with a disclaimer “the blurbs are not imperfections, this is natural fiber and it adds to its beauty.”


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